Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Organic (non- GMO) Garden Diaries- 2

 The Organic Garden Diaries

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Organic Garden Diaries- Part 1

The Organic Garden Diaries

Why I Want to Live Off Grid WITH MY CLOTHES ON!

I have on occasion, jokingly, reassured my family and in-laws that I am not running off to join a commune- they, for the most part, are not green, at least not to the extent that we are striving for. But you know what? The more I learn and the more changes we make the idea (of a commune) is kind of more appealing.
I have to admit that a commune of 'far out hippies' still doesn't appeal but there are plenty of 'normalish' people that aren't dancing naked around a fire that want to live off grid- that's what I want. And just to clarify, no one is 'normal' including me, I snort when I laugh, I tell jokes that fall flat, I'm socially awkward, I love the Twilight books and movies and a million other little things that make me me. That's me- I don't want to dance naked, I want to live a simpler life full of meaning, true meaning, and not be dependent on a system that leaves me feeling cold, alone, forgotten, abused, lied to and generally not be a part of a system that doesn't have my back or the back of anyone I hold near and dear.
I started out as an average Joe. I thought I was green because I recycled most things and on occasion bought Eco Palmolive instead of Cascade. I became a bit more green when I decided to cloth diaper my first son. Then I became a bit more green when I had to find a safe detergent for his diapers. I started using soap nuts, I started making more of our own food, I started cleaning out our pantries of junk and only including healthy real food (for the most part). I changed from disposable products to reusable ones- paper towels to rags, feminine products to reusable options. I joined an organic CSA and this year I am planing and planting our first garden of organic and non-gmo seeds- I started my own seeds!
Each change propels me into another. It wasn't overnight, it was gradual and little. It was so small scale that even though I was consciously making these changes and choices it didn't phase me, even when family members would joke and comment. Then, it did phase me. I am making a difference. I am making change. I am showing my sons there is a different way. We can change things. The choice is ours to make.
There are still so many changes to make and so many things I am doing that are not green but I am working on it. That's all we can do, one change at a time. And who knows, maybe I will find my perfect community of clothed, not too crunchy, hippies that work hard together and at the end of the day sit around a fire at night, clothed, maybe even dance, clothed, as a community who truly have each-others backs.
So here I am,  PROUDLY,  coming out of the closet-- I AM A HIPPY. I want to make a positive change and live amongst like minded people who want to get back to nature, heal the earth, and be a part of a true community.
This article showed up on my facebook feed this morning, from one of my hippy sites I follow and it inspired me to write this today.
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