Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Where Has MGF Been, The Things That Matter and a Look at Upcoming Posts

The things that matter.

Mission Green Family has been missing for too long, and it's time to make good on our obligations and to
get back to our green mission. Life threw a few surprises my way, which took over my time but things are starting to settle and I am ready to come back to Mission Green Family.
Among the changes these past few months (there have been many)- I was offered a temporary assignment at my old job, which I had left to be a full time mom, and eventually blogger. The offer came at a time when being a one income family was proving to be too much for us to handle, so I accepted and returned to work. As we started getting into the two working parent household and we started getting excited about catching up financially and maybe having some breathing room- my husband was laid off. WHOA. My income is not even a half of his and instead of being our extra income it became our only income!
Many people would have stressed, panicked, freaked out and understandably so- we were already struggling and behind and somehow had to make this work. For some unknown reason, I thought this was a good thing. My husband had been unhappy at his job, jerked around and was laid off at a time that his sales were through the roof, the company was doing better than ever. This wrench only affirmed my already founded belief that as long as my family is healthy nothing else really matters.
So within a matter of two weeks we went from my husband being the bread winner and me being the stay-at-home mom to my husband being the stay-at-home dad and me working... kind of great. What an amazing thing for partners to switch roles... a great way to truly appreciate what the other person goes through, and begin to TRULY APPRECIATE each other.
My husband learned how difficult it is to care for two boys and try to keep a house and home running and I learned how hard it is to be apart from my boys for so many hours a day- one of the hardest was when my youngest son walked for the first time while I was at work.
My husband was out of work for just under 3 months and in that time we grew to be so much closer, our boys developed an even stronger bond with my husband, my husband became a stronger man, husband and father and he even ended up with a better job at a better company for better pay. I am so much happier, more confident and even find that being out of the house, while difficult to miss so much time with my boys, is also really good for me.
Before any of this and other events happened I was struggling to find time to blog, I had over extended myself and I was blogging during hours when my kids really needed their moms attention. This made it almost impossible to continue when I returned to work because we had even less time together. So, I would like to apologize to my sponsors for not returning my reviews in a timely manner and assure you that you will be getting your reviews. Things are starting to settle and I am not one that is satisfied in not fulfilling my end of things, plus, I have some really exciting things to review...
Be on the lookout for;
Seventeen Stone
If You Care- Environment Friendly Products
What you will notice- Mission Green will be posting once more, but, not at the frequency of before because, family is first and foremost, if any project starts to interfere with what matters most in your life, re-evaluate and re-work it until it works for you. To my sponsors, thank you for bearing with me and thank you for your support- I love discovering and sharing green family friendly products- and you have made some really cool ones! I cannot wait to share these with you!!
Thanks for sharing this journey with me!!

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