Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nutcase Little Nutty Helmet... aka Kick Buttowski

The nice folks at Nutcase sent me one of their Little Nutty helmets for my son to try out, I am so excited because;
1. He has a big head for a four year old and this is the first helmet that fit his noggin.
2. Though we are fortunate not to have any first hand stories of how this helmet saved him, I feel confident in this helmets ability to protect my precious little man.
3. The design he picked reminds him of Kick Buttowski thus increasing its awesomeness.

If you aren't familiar with Nutcase, check them out- they make helmets for kids and adults and have some of the coolest (and safest) designs out there, because, hey, if it doesn't look good you probably won't wear it.

Here is Canons' recommendation, in his own words, of his helmet :)

Canon has been wearing his helmet for almost a year and it has fit from day one and will fit for a long while to come, there's a dial feature on the back to help it fit just right. It's durability has been tested after having been tossed around and dropped a bagillion times- it is still in great shape. Good thing since now he wants to start skateboarding... yikes! Wonder if Nutcase makes body armor???

Never underestimate the dangers of box riding- helmets are a must!

Some other Nutcase features I love;
You can find your own Nutcase love @;

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