Sunday, November 13, 2011

Catching up and a new flat fold- Colt's Fold

So it's been 7 weeks since my sweet second son was born and things have changed quite a bit. I never could have imagined that I could love two little boys as much as I do, but I am so in love with my sons and I am grateful for each day we share together. Things are starting to settle into a routine and I am so happy that my older son is adjusting so well to sharing mommy. The first few weeks were really about adjusting, recovering and bonding but now that we are almost 2 months in I am trying to incorporate some educational and fun activities into each day- especially for my 3.5 year old.

I began by signing us up for a Mother Goose program at the local library once a week, we are about 4 weeks in and I am very glad for the weekly interaction that my son gets with kids his age and for being part of a group that he not only shares story time and plays with but also follows rules with. Last week I decided it was time to add more into our daily lives so we walked to the local dollar store and picked up craft supplies. Last week we worked on glitter glue flowers on pipe cleaners. This week we will be making a puppet theater out of a big box and puppets out of old socks. I've also found some great preschool workbooks that I plan using to add lessons into our mornings.
As for the new addition he is very happy, healthy and sweet. I have been enjoying having a baby again, there is something that can't be put into words about holding a newborn and how that warmth and squishiness just warms your heart. I have also refound my obsession with cloth diapers and am surprised to find that the old time diapers are my favorites. With #1 I exclusively used the new pocket and aio styles but decided to experiment a bit this time around- I am so glad that I did! I started with prefolds and absolutely love them, so much that I decided to try flat diapers and so far these are my favorites! I only had one obstacle to overcome which is that my son has that typical EBF runny poo. It would leak out the legs and soil the cover meaning a new cover with each use. I tried the origami and the mini kite fold both of which I jelly rolled the legs to help contain the mess, but neither of these worked for us. So I set about trying to find a fold that contained the poo and had enough material up front to absorb his pee- he is a HEAVY wetter, This is the fold I came up with.

Colt's Fold

Start with folding in half- fold down towards you

Next bring the side in at an angle about to the half way mark or a little past

Then fold out towards the outside- creating a pleat fold

Fold in towards the center again- more pleats

Now repeat for the other side

I like to fold down the top to make the rise more appropriate for my newbie and also create more of a pocket to contain the mess

Time to put on baby, or monkey :)

Looks a little wide between the legs, right? Well, your going to fold it in one more time

Now its time to pull it up, pull the sides in and snappi or pin

I like to fan it out just a bit

Just about done, now I like to tuck in the legs- this really "seals the deal" and keeps the mess in

And here are the completed views

Last shot- this is Colt's Fold on Colt :)

DiaperHead is my son, Canon's name for me when I change Colt's diaper- I think its appropriate for this blog and maybe a business venture in the future :)

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