Sunday, November 20, 2011

Econobum Review and 150 fan Giveaway!

Econobum Single Pack Giveaway! Once DiaperHead reaches 150 public followers there will be a random drawing of all current public followers to win a single pack Econobum diaper- consisting of one OS cover and one OS prefold! Entering is simple, simply follow this blog publicly, that's it!  Extra entries will be granted for: liking DiaperHead on facebook; sharing this link on facebook; commenting on our facebook wall why you cloth diaper; why you are interested in cloth diapering or for commenting what you would like to see in a natural parenting blog.  For each extra entry comment below this post with what you did and include your facebook name for verification. We will be doing more giveaways as fan levels increase so stay tuned- giveaways will increase in value as the numbers increase!

The fine print- winner will be drawn from current public followers once there are 150 current public blog followers, the winner must be in the US or pay for shipping charges outside of the US. Winner will have 48 hours to claim the prize or another winner will be drawn.

The Review

Econobum cover and prefold used on a 4- 8 week old boy weighing 9 lbs- 12+ lbs heavy wetter.

Econobums greatest features are affordability, simple design and versatility to grow with your child. Cons, prefold is bulky for the newborn stage and can't be snappied or pinned once child reaches a certain size/weight but instead must be used padfolded in the cover.

I found that I could start using the cover almost immediately with my son, though he was born slightly larger than most at 9 lbs 2 oz. I did, however, find the econobum prefold bulky for the first few weeks. At about 3 weeks I began using the prefold- snappied to help contain the runny newborn poo and also because it decreased the bulk- and found it quilty and absorbent and its quality rivals my nicest prefolds.
Though the cover is a very simple design I find that I reach for it the most, it's reliable, fits over all of my prefolds, flats and fitteds and never causes red marks on his chunky thighs that some other covers do (you will notice these red marks in the picture from the cover I had just removed). Though there are no fancy designs I find it refreshing to look at a simple white or trimmed diaper cover.
I also enjoyed how easy the wash routine is with this diaper, no stuffing/unstuffing and I could literally just dump the contents of my wetbag directly into the wash without touching the diapers. This is a great diaper for anyone that wants a simple system or is looking for an economical alternative to disposables or more expensive cloth diaper styles.

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