Friday, June 8, 2012

CSA Friday! Week 2

Well today is CSA Friday and I am pleased to report that I am still happy with our decision to join Red Hill Farm! As a one car family CSA Friday means more than a trip to pick up our produce, it is a full day out and about and I hope that we continue to enjoy our Friday adventures.

This morning we packed up the car, dropped my husband Jeff off at work and headed to a great nearby park- Canon had a fun filled 3 hours of playtime with numerous new friends so that on the way to the farm he was out like a light.
We had the pleasure of my awesome mother-in-laws company while at the farm and it was such a nice setting to spend some time together. She helped with Colt while Canon and I picked our share of produce, got to meet our farmers and then we all headed for the farms shaded sitting area and just spent some time relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scene.
I am at this great point in my life where I am starting to feel completely connected with my present and past selves- parts of me that got neglected over the fast and furious pace of life of the past few years. Part of that positive change is probably from a mixture of things- age, wisdom, being at home with the kids, our return to a more active outdoor lifestyle and our weekly trips to Red Hill Farm. Yup, a weekly visit to a farm is helping me be happy and feel well rounded in life. I feel good about the whole experience of getting to know our farmers, being where our food is growing and helping Canon and Colt have a connection to where our food comes from. I also love that by being part of this farm we are helping to cast our decision of where our money goes regarding food- I want to show the boys that we can make positive changes, by belonging to a CSA we are supporting local people and business who use environmentally friendly practices and that is something important to me.
I am also really excited that tomorrow (and Sunday) is our Alex's Lemonade Stand and Bake Sale! I am really proud of Canon for wanting to have a stand and for understanding the good it will do. I beyond thankful to our family and friends who have donated through the ALS site and have helped us exceed our goal before we even have the stand up!
So enough with the deep, right? What did we get this week...

CSA Week 2- (small share)

  • Baby Shallots- 1 bunch
  • Tokyo Bakana- 1 head
  • Lettuce Head- 1
  • Broccoli Raab- 1
  • Fennel- 1
  • Garlic Scapes- 10
  • Assorted Herbs- thanks Brendan for showing me the herbs- and for not laughing when I had to ask how to harvest them.

I'm happy to report that last week we used everything that we picked up and I'm sure we will have no problem using up everything from today's trip. Now to find some new recipes! :)

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