Thursday, July 12, 2012

Be the Change You Want to Be

I think with the heat wave I was starting to experience some cabin fever. It really gets me when I can't spend
my days outside and I end up not liking myself very much. I get crabby, see the hardships we face with less hope and end up being a less than stellar mom, person, wife and homemaker(Ok, so I am never really a stellar homemaker, but a girl can dream right?). Does this happen to anyone else? The weather has been cooling off, relatively speaking, and with the knowledge that I haven't been myself I decided that I was going to be the better version of me. That's it. That's the change. Deciding I didn't like the way I had been acting and feeling and making a choice to change it. Did it work? Well, I told my four year old that I was going to try and be a better me and he made the same commitment and today was a much better day. His new found "bad attitude" was much less exaggerated and when he did talk back he quickly corrected himself. I was calmer and more patient with his questions and mistakes and even my 9 month old was more consistent with his happy demeanor. I have always been a firm believer that you choose how to feel, react, and be but sometimes I forget this simple knowledge. A reminder to live in mindfulness and be the change I want to be is all the kickstart I need sometimes.
What do you do when you notice you are falling into bad habits and behavior?


  1. It is sometimes difficult for me to change negative feelings and behaviors in myself as well. When that happens, I ask hubby for a quick break when he is there and we aren't pressed to do anything. Even five minutes helps me to recharge a bit so I can feel better.

    1. Natasha @ Mission Green FamilyJuly 14, 2012 at 7:59 AM

      Moms need a little me time- it's hard to come by but helps to recharge me too :)

    2. It is hard to snap out of a routine behavior and try to improve it but well worth it when you make the changes required. The end results often makes you wonder what took you so long for the reality check...