Friday, July 6, 2012

Expose Yourself with Exposed Organics Skin Care and Makeup, a Review and Giveaway!!

Win this Beauty Box full of AWESOME products!!

Exposed Organics, a company that I am very lucky to have right in my backyard, specializes in organic natural skin care and mineral makeup products. When I sent feelers out for a review and giveaway I was beyond excited that the owner, Celeste, contacted me with a chance to try these products and give a beauty box to a lucky reader!!

I rarely treat myself to anything nice so this was an extra special treat to receive this box packed with products- When it arrived, I left my husband to tend to our sons and treated myself to a long pampering session, ahhhh!

What did I think of the products- check out my breakdown of each below:

tanatizer moisturizing hand sanitizer

This is such an awesome product and honestly will probably be the most appreciated and used, why? Because I have two boys- one who is old enough to know that I love to call him a dirt ball and a 9 month old who requires diaper changes while out and about. Rubs in without leaving you dry and no sticky residue. The lime scent is awesome- I absolutely love all things citrus so this is a winner for me!

boo-boo balm

This was actually the first product that I had a chance to try from Exposed Organics years ago, and I absolutely love it! I'm not fond of using petroleum based first aid ointment and I haven't crossed the bridge into making my own balms, so this is awesome. Great to carry in the diaper bag!

plain jane purifying oil

So, I have to admit that I was a little weary of washing with an oil- I have very oily skin in the summer and also break out easily, in my 30's while fighting wrinkles I still break out like a teenager- lucky me! So, I read the instructions- yup, I read instructions to everything- and hopped in the shower with my plain jane and a wash cloth. I was surprised by the thickness of the oil, I had expected the consistency of cooking oil but it is almost like honey. As I massaged it into my skin I was pleasantly surprised that it did not feel gross- I really was afraid of oil! Not only did it not feel gross, it felt nice, surprise surprise! It took a bit wiping to get it all off but wow does my skin look a.m.a.z.i.n.g! It looks and feels great- soft with a nice healthy glow and not greasy at all. I am a convert to the oil!
My husband got curious the next morning about this product and used it to wash his face, expecting the normal sudsing wash like the products we normally have, he was a bit confused when he couldn't get it to rinse off- wash cloth is definitely needed! But, I have to say his complexion that day was glowing!

balance facial astringent

I am a bare minimum kinda girl so I haven't used too many astringents over the years- wash and go is my motto but this was a nice refreshing follow up to the plain jane. My skin really looks great so I'm going to keep this in the regime.

slick nourishing shaving oil

Ummm.... awesome! When Celeste told me about this product I was really excited that she had included it in my beauty box. She said that she used to have awful razor bumps and rashes from shaving but that using this oil cleared that up. I have to say that I got the smoothest, closest shave ever!!  Using this product reduced my lovely in-grown-hairs and shaving bumps exponentially. It is a nice thick oil, and it feels great on the skin. I could not stop rubbing my legs after and made my husband feel them too. So smooth and silky! I LOVE this stuff!

indulge remarkably moisturizing body creme

And the pampering continues. Seriously, a girl could get used to this! This creme is really nice- it's thick but goes on super light. Right up my alley with a great light lemon scent. It finished off the ultimate pampering experience perfectly, and left my skin soft and hydrated. I really like that there is a little scoop on the lid- it's one of those little thoughts and touches that takes a great product to the next level.

eye dust

Time to get pretty! These colors are really pretty and I loved that I could go as natural or as dramatic as I want depending on the application. Exposed Organics sells a product called nectar that intensifies the color and can turn the eye dust into liner. Each of these colors was extremly attractive and I appreciated knowing that what I was putting on my eyes was not laced with unwanted ingredients.

Exposed Organics can be found;!/eomakeup

Want a chance to pamper yourself with natural, organic mineral based makeup and skin care? Here it is- Exposed Organics has agreed to send a lucky reader the exact same beauty box that I received.

*Exposed Organics provided me with the products listed above but in no way did that alter my opinion or guarantee a good review. a Rafflecopter giveaway


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